Here lies the history of the Frederick House Hotel. Original Owners Joe and Evy Harman purchased the Young / Womack Houses to live and store their personal antique collection in 1983. (Follow the links to each house page to see the history of the house). During the renovation phase, the Bowers House came up for sale and they purchased it to protect their real estate investment. With so much space, they opted to start the Frederick House. Frederick House sits at the corner of New and Frederick Streets, hence its name. Young and Womack being the primary house received a very traditional b&b feel – warm tones and plenty of comfortable reading and working spaces. Bowers rooms became the cottages – a bit airier and more sparsely decorated. Joe and Evy ended up renting across the street above what is now the radio station and they served breakfast in the space that hosts the radio station.

The next major change for Frederick House was the purchase of the main office and breakfast building around 1989. This building was previously the Chamber of Commerce and the top floor was retail space. Many Mary Baldwin alumnae talk of the dress shop that was upstairs. The top floor was made into living quarters and the lower floor the breakfast area and check-in office.

The final pieces of Frederick House arrived circa 2000, when Joe and Evy purchased the Biology Building (aka Cochran House) and the Riddle House (aka Patrick House).

The newest chapter has begun as of March 2017 when the current owners Ross & Brooke purchased the Frederick House from Joe and Evy. Together Ross & Brooke are excited about being the stewards of such historic and wonderful buildings. We aim to continue the tradition of Hospitality and Customer Service which fostered so many loyal clientele.

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