Year Round Discounts

Shakespeare Theater Tickets

American Shakespeare Center Blackfriar’s Theater graciously allows us to purchase discount tickets on behalf of our guests. Call us after reserving a room and we can purchase the tickets on your behalf. 540.885.4220

Active / Retired Military Discount

We offer a 10% discount to all who have served our country.

Seasonal Discounts

Shakespeare Birthday Month

Celebrate the Bard in grand fashion with us. Book any room during April and we will match the discount extended to us by the American Shakespeare Center Blackfriar’s Theater (normally around 10% of the ticket price) toward the price of the room. IE (if they give you $10 off the ticket, we will match with $10 off of the room).

Veterans Month

Veteran Discount is doubled during the Month of November. Stay with us and receive a 20% discount for active / retired military.

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