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Frontier Culture Museum

The Frontier Culture Museum, located in Staunton, Virginia is a living history museum that tells the story of the people who migrated from the Old World to America and the life they created in the Shenandoah Valley.


Blackfriars Playhouse

Enjoy the worlds only Re-creation of Shakespeares’ indoor theatre. Have us book tickets to your next show and receive a discount!

“One of the most historically important theatres in the world.” – Andrew Gurr, former Director of Research, Shakespeare’s Globe

Woodrow Wilson Presidental Library and Museum


Come explore the life and times of President Woodrow Wilson in historic downtown Staunton, Virginia.  Retrace the inspiring journey of our 28th President as you tour our galleries which explore Wilson’s early years, his eventful presidency, suffrage, prohibition and World War I. Make sure to visit our beautiful gardens and our gift shop.

Trinity Episcopal Church

The oldest church in Staunton, was founded in 1746, one year after Augusta County became an independent entity, and one year before the City of Staunton was established.

Camera Heritage Museum


The Camera Heritage Museum was created to display and preserve a collection of over 6,000 cameras as well as accessories and photos. The majority of cameras are antique cameras. In this small town in western central Virginia you can see some of the most technologically advanced instruments of their times along with photos spanning over 150 years. These photographs are examples of the output of some of the cameras in the collection. There are stories behind many of these cameras which are worth your time even if you are not a camera buff. From stories about local photographers whose work is nationally known to the events that they captured for future generations, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

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